Freelancer Burnout

As someone who lives in Europe but writes exclusively in English, I cherish the networks I’m able to build online. One of the smartest moves I’ve made in the last year was to join the StudyHallXYZ community of freelance writers and media professionals. It’s full of many wise and supportive people who are leading discussions on the state of the media today and their posts often make me think harder and deeper about the stories we tell.

The debates about how women and non-white writers and reporters are treated going on both online and within private communities are especially important, a guidepost showing what we need to change if we are to survive as a society that honors every person within it. Yet these debates can be exhausting, especially when they’re occurring within newsrooms that reflect the issues within the greater society.

So I wrote a bit for StudyHallXYZ about my experience with burnout — something which I experienced as a result of the greater issues in Germany, where life is exponentially more difficult for people who are not born in the country, into the middle-class, or are educated here. Although it’s paywalled for members-only, here’s an excerpt. If you’d like to read more, send me an email.