Looking for someone who has a way with words?

Courtney Tenz

I love…

writing for new audiences.

taking on new challenges.

hearing from like-minded people.

I am…

A writer. An editor. A research journalist. A translator. A teacher.

A storyteller. A community manager. A content creator. A curator.

I can…

polish and edit existing texts — reports, essays, websites.

translate or transcreate German language texts into English.

create advertising and marketing copy (advertorials, blog posts, newsletters).

develop concepts for social media and online projects for fashion, culture and lifestyle brands.

work on-site near Cologne, Germany or contribute virtually for clients around Europe.

meet one-on-one to help you improve your spoken English.

advise you on a book-length project (fiction or non-fiction).

I believe…

Creating connections is essential to effective communications.

Think of your communications needs as a connect-the-dots worksheet. You’ve put all the numbers on the page, have a rough outline of what the end result will look like, but you’re still missing the essential tool to complete the worksheet.

Consider my role as that of the pencil, tracing the lines from number to number, giving your outline a clear shape as it brings the end product to life.


* * *If you’d like to work with me, you can reach me most easily at courtneytenz at gmail dot com* * *

Saying what you mean can be tough for even the most eloquent person. Creating clear and concise text is my specialty – no matter the length.

Have an idea for a white paper but no time to make those thousands of words by experts appeal to the layman? I can easily sort the materials and find something unusual and interesting to say that will grab any reader’s attention.

I create new text from scratch, following it from concept through research to finished product.