The winding roads leading to Lebanon’s fertile Bakaa Valley are cut into the hillside; low stone walls line the sides to catch falling rocks and keep them off the roadways. Coated in a yellow dust, the stones are bound together in places by rough cement; in others, their jagged edges leave gaps in the foundation that have been plugged with small, loose stones. It looks haphazard and yet everything fits perfectly together.

It’s not clear who has puzzled these stones together, picking through lose gravel to find those rocks with the right fit — a labor of love reminiscent of the best communications plans. No one has to know who is behind the most effective written materials to understand their impact.

Creating communications concepts and seeing them through is similar in process to building these protective foundations: it requires patience and perseverance. The patience to recognize the problem staring right at you and to be ready to face it. Perseverance to help you sort through the options at hand to find the best fit.

Approaching your communications strategy in the same way is vital to its ultimate success. Words are not only our stepping stones into new worlds, they help to shape the world we currently inhabit. Whether they safeguard the road you’ve already paved or lay the groundwork for what is to come, the best writing and communications strategies are those which puzzle together all options to create a seamless whole.

Helping you to do that is where I come in.

Whether you are looking for a new storytelling concept, content for existing channels, editing of your writing or the translation of copy from German into English, I can help.