I started my career as a textbook production editor and have over 20 years of experience editing, copyediting, and proofreading all kinds of texts. A lover of the Oxford comma, I work with clients to create their own in-house style guides but also know Chicago, AP, APA, and MLA styles. I polish reports, essays, and online texts written by non-native speakers. I edit translations to give them a more natural flow. I line-edit white papers, newsletters, press releases, and more. And I love to get into the nitty-gritty with substantial edits on reported pieces and personal essays, helping writers and journalists to focus their prose.

An in-house consultant and contributing culture editor for four years at Deutsche Welle, I edited digital news stories, Q&As, social media campaign materials, and features for an internal print magazine. I have an eye for stories that will sell and would love to do more editorial work commissioning new writers. As co-editor and translator on the 50 Kitchens, One City book and multi-media project, I prepared both online and print texts in a graphics-heavy format.

If you’ve got a creative book-length project — fiction or non — I’d love to take a look at it and offer feedback. If you need a native voice to make your copy sing, let’s talk.