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Novelist Irmgard Keun – Deutsche Welle


With its allusions to sexual exploits and superficial attention to the latest fashions, Keun’s second novel has also been compared recently to the popular “Sex and The City” television series. But Keun’s “The Artificial Silk Girl” is more than just

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Late Bloomer – Yoga Journal


For years, I was a perpetually late yogini. I would rush in a few minutes after class had begun, stealing glances at the clock and at everyone sitting in Sukhasana (Easy Pose). While the other students were focusing on their

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Spotlight on: Satu Maaranen

Vibskov Image

The Look: The Spring/Summer 2014 women’s collection, “Garments in Landscape” was inspired by silhouettes and cuts from old Haute Couture. With a unique consideration of the landscape surrounding the collection, Maaranen researched landart, camouflage, and the Finnish revolutionary print design

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An Olympic Truce in London – Christian Science Monitor

2012-06-15 08.57.02_thumb

Alberto Forquilha, a former child soldier from Mozambique who ran a successful arms-swapping program in post-conflict zones back home, was one of the visitors to the group in 2010. Now in his 40s, Mr. Forquila told the Newham youths about

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Deb Olin Unferth – Bookslut


In what might have been a nightmare for her parents, 18-year-old Deb Olin Unferth dropped out of college and lit out for war-torn Central America. After camping out in a brothel and hanging with the Sandinistas, Unferth realized there wasn’t

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