I’m a writer, translator, teacher and editor based in Cologne, Germany. A native of the US, I can speak fluent German but work exclusively with English-language deliverables.

I am…

A writer. An editor. A research journalist. A translator. A teacher. A storyteller. A community manager. A content creator. A social media curator.

I got my start in Boston in the publishing industry, where I edited and proofread university-level history and literature textbooks. From that experience, I learned to love the Oxford comma and appreciate the intricacies of graphic design layout processes.

A storyteller at heart, I left publishing to get a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Penn State University, where I learned how to be an essayist and a line editor, how to make your prose sing, and how to write in a way that people will both love and understand. A teaching lectureship there let me share this knowledge with university students during classes on the elements of creative writing, media literacy, rhetoric and composition.

In 2005, I was awarded the prestigious Fulbright fellowship to conduct research on post-war transitional justice issues in Germany while completing a novel and teaching American Studies at a local high school (Gymnasium).

These experiences helped shape me in numerous ways, leading me to ultimately found my own communications firm in Cologne, Germany that combines my knowledge of German history, the American cultural landscape, and pop culture with the skills necessary for intriguing storytelling with teaching and editorial services.

For corporate and individual clients, I can…

  • polish and edit existing texts — reports, essays, websites.
  • translate or transcreate German language texts into English.
  • teach workshops on content creation and applying tone of voice for your communications.
  • create advertising and marketing copy (advertorials, blog posts, newsletters).
  • develop concepts for social media and online projects for fashion, culture and lifestyle brands.
  • work on-site near Cologne, Germany or contribute virtually around Europe.
  • advise you on a creative book-length project (fiction or non-fiction).

If you have a project you’d like to work together on, please do e-mail me at courtneytenz at gmail dot com or via the contact page. To keep up-to-date on my projects, you can follow the updates page on this website or sign up for my monthly newsletter on Tiny Letter.

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